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"http://downalldrivers.blogspot.com/" is part of suixe.corp. suixe.corp is not a company, but the scope of the activities of "BayuSuixe". "blog" is intended to petrify the reader in getting the driver from the printer they use. excess "http://downalldrivers.blogspot.com/" is all related to the driver download link we have quoted from the official website of the printer product. So, there is no download link illegal and violate the provisions. "http://downalldrivers.blogspot.com/" does not just give the link download drivers, but also provide the procedures for installing the driver to the PC reader, which we include in every article that we had written. 

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Bayu Suixe not the original name of the author of "http://downalldrivers.blogspot.com/", but only the famous names in cyberspace. Bayusuixe is a beginner in the world of bloggers who is starting to be able to further assist the reader in solving the problems.

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